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Why Viewfinder? 

CNS Viewfinder assesses the risks around any CEE entity, using an innovative combination of big data analysis and human intelligence expertise.

All final reports are overseen by a trained CNS Risk analyst and delivered to your desktop within 48 hours.

See the whole picture

You need to be informed, but CEE public data sources are often unreliable and fail to address your specific needs. Global sources provide a flood of robot collected information, but no local understanding.

CNS Viewfinder utilises AI technology to assess risks around people and corporates. Trained CNS Risk analysts then contextualize and clarify these risks, producing simple, clear reports.

CNS Viewfinder: Initial risk intelligence for EUR 799

A cost-effective and rapid risk assessment of any entity in CEE, giving  you confidence to make business decisions and to meet KYC & AML regulatory obligations.

Confidence & Clarity

CNS Viewfinder identifies red flags around people and corporates, revealing issues on the ground in CEE that might impact your company’s regulatory obligations at HQ.

Every Viewfinder report is a verifiable and documented check by a professional third party, giving you the confidence to do business and to hire staff.

In additon to CEE-specific database queries, Viewfinder assesses local risk in the context of:

  • UK Anti-Bribery Act
  • German Anti-Corruption & Bribery legislation
  • International Anti-Money laundering (AML) & Terrorist Financing (ATF) guidelines
  • Global Anti-Slavery regulations
  • FATF Guidelines on Politically Exposed Persons


Clear. Concise. Expert. 


Using AI and a proprietary risk matrix, Viewfinder reports on positive list matches, highlights red flags & identifies areas of concern. 

A trained CNS Risk analyst reviews the data, making an evidence-based stop/go call where appropriate.


Click for checklist sources

Local CNS Risk databases and public records searches vary country to country. All Viewfinder inquiry targets are checked against:

United Nations Sanctions

World Bank Sanctions

EU Financial Sanctions

EU Terrorism Financing (CFT) Watchlist

US Consolidated Sanctions & Watchlists

US Bureau of Industry and Security

US CFTC SmartCheck

UK Financial Sanctions

Specially Designated Nationals (OFAC)

Australian Sanctions & Watchlists (DFAT Consolidated)

Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (CANADA) )

Interpol/Europol Bulletins and Wanted lists

Dow Jones EPEP Watchlists

CIA World Leaders (PEPs)

Panama Papers


DarkWeb scans


  • Political Risk 80%
  • Money Laundering and Fraud Risk 15%
  • Anti-corruption & bribery regulatory risk 50%
  • Corporate Involvement Risk 11%
  • Viewfinder Overall Risk Score 40%

Identify compliance red flags.
Understand who you do business with.
Know who you hire.

Desktop DD

Put CNS Risk's 20 years of deep due diligence experience  on your desktop

Secure Storage

Manage access to your sensitive material at our secure cloud servers

Powerful Analytics

Automated basic DD functions for speed & reliability.  Expert human verification.

Instant Support

Address red flag issues with one click. Order further detail when you need it.

See the whole picture: Order your Viewfinder report now for EUR 799. 

Pay now for instant processing, or request a call back for more detail.

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CNS Risk Ltd is a UK-based Corporate Intelligence provider with 20 years’ experience in deep due diligence and investigations. 

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